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Top Bachelorette Destinations!

Whoever said 27 Dresses was just a movie was completely wrong! Over the past few years, I’ve been on more bachelorette parties than I can even count, and I must say Bachelorette parties are the absolute BEST! You get to be with your besties for a whole weekend, dress up in fancy, coordinated outfits, and go out on the town. It doesn’t get much better than that! I’m writing this post for all those ladies out there planning their besties bachelorette party and don’t know where to start! After planning and attending so many bachelorette parties over the past few years, I’ve discovered some of the best locations for bach parties, as well as found some tips and tricks to make it an unforgettable weekend! Below are my favorite bachelorette party locations (not in any order)! Click on the links below to see my recommendations on restaurants, hotels and things to do!

Some tips to make it an unforgettable weekend: 1. Book early: Book far in advance to ensure you can get rooms booked and reservations made for your entire party. No bride wants to split up their group for dinners or not have enough room for everyone to sleep! Some things that should be booked in advance are:

  • Hotel/ Airbnb

  • Flights

  • Reservations for brunch/ dinner

  • Reservations for activities

2. Create an agenda: Create an agenda for the weekend! This allows everyone to know what to exepect and what to pack.

3. Set a catchy theme: Come up with a fun theme for the weekend! It can be based on something the bride loves, the location you are going to, or the brides New last name. Make sure to incorporate the theme throughout the weekend including the invites, decorations, outfits, etc. A fun theme we used for a bachelorette party in Scottsdale, AZ was cactus themed! We had cactus invites, cactus banner, cactus balloons, -and even cactus shot glasses! Check out my pictures below.

4. Send out invites: To make the party official, send out invites that include the bachelorette party theme!

5. Create a Facebook group: A Facebook group makes it easy for everyone to connect and to share all important information and updates.

6. Make a fun hashtag: Create a hashtag that includes the theme for the weekend! #scottsdaleBeforeTheVeil

7. Decorations: Get fun decorations that match the theme for the weekend!

8. Gift bags: Make sure to get the girls some goodies for the weekend! This could be anything from fun cookies, hair ties, shirts, mini champagne! Also, make the bride feel special by getting her a "Bride to Be" sash for the weekend!

9. Snapchat filter: Create a Snapchat filter to use for the weekend!

10. Remember it is the Bride's weekend, so make sure everything you do is for the Bride!

I hope these tips help you plan the ultimate bachelorette party! :)

XOXO, Blair

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