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Cabo San Lucas is an absolutely gorgeous resort city in Mexico! It’s known for its beautiful beaches, water activites, and nightlife. It’s the perfect spot for a bachelorette party, girls weekend, or couples retreat! I’m so excited for share our favorite place to stay in Cabo, top bars, and some fun things to do! ! 

(Click on the links below to visit the website for each location or activity!)


-RIU PALACE: Riu Palace is a beautiful, all inclusive resort right on the ocean. The views from the resort are spectacular. You overlook the blue waters, white sandy beaches and Lovers Beach.  It’s got an upbeat, lively and beachy atmosphere with multiple pools that have swim-up bars, as well as live music at night. It’s also walking distance from some fun bars and restaurants. I’ve stayed here two times, both times for girls weekends, and would definitely stay here again! 


-THE OFFICE: The Office is walking distance from the Riu Palace and is a fun, casual, laidback bar/restaurant right on the beach! You definitely have to try one of their margaritas!


-MANGO DECK: Mange Deck is also walking distance from the Riu Palace and is located right next to The Office on the beach. It’s an upbeat bar/restaurant with live music, dancing and great views!


-SQUID ROE: Squid Roe is the ultimate nightclub in Cabo! It is a 3 story dance club with great music, dancing, and a fun vibe. You are guaranteed to have a good night here! 


-PASHA DISCO: Pasha is located at the Riu Santa Fe, which is walking distance from the Riu Palace. It’s a fun dance club that has a DJ spinning every night and a packed dance floor. 


-RISSALENA BOOZE CRUISE: The Rissalena booze cruise is a three hour boat trip around Lovers Island with spectacular views. On the cruise you will be served unlimited hand crafted margaritas and an authentic Mexican lunch, as well as learn about Cabo from the amazing tour guide, Laura. You will also have the opportunity to take some of the most beautiful pictures touring the cruise! This is definitely an excursion I would do again! 


-LOVERS BEACH: Head to Lovers Beach for the day! You cannot get to it by walking or vehicle so you must take a water taxi, which you can get for about $10. Lovers Beach is a gorgeous beach with white sand, blue water and stunning views.  

-GOLF AT EL DORADO GOLF AND BEACH RESORT: This stunning work-class golf course is located along the coastline of Mexico's Baja Peninsula. The course overlooks the beautiful beaches and has the most breathtaking views.

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