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Capri, Italy is a magical little island right off the Amalfi Coast! We decided to visit Capri for the day when we were in Positano and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the Amalfi Coast. This perfect island is surrounded by crystal, clear, blue waters, has gorgeous colorful buildings, cute boutiques, and amazing food. Capri has a romantic yet adventurous atmosphere making it perfect for the couple that just wants to relax at the beach or the couple that wants to go for a hike.  We are very excited to share our day in Capri itinerary with all of you. 

(Click on the links below to visit the website for each location or activity!)

One Magical Day in Capri!


-BOAT TO CAPRI: We took a ferry to Capri for the day from Positano. However there are also boats that leave from other spots off Amalfi Coast as well. It was only about a 30 minute boat ride to this tiny, charming island in the middle of the water! 


Once we arrived in Capri, we walked to the ticket stand right next to the pier and purchased a ticket to the Mount Salerno Chairlift.​

  • Mount Salerno Chairlift: This is a little chairlift that takes you to the highest peak in Capri called Mount Salerno! At the top are some of the most amazing views of the island! They also have a small cafe at the top where you can grab a drink or a snack. The chairlift was totally worth it! 

If the weather is nice, another highly recommended activity to do during the day is to visit the famous Blue Grotto!

  • The Blue Grotto: The Blue Grotto is a sea cave off of the island of Capri. When the sunlight hits the seawater, it causes a blue reflection that lights up the entire cavern. You can purchase tickets to have a boat take you out to the Blue Grotto if the weather is nice. 

If you are a couple that wants to relax at the beach for the day, then look into getting a chair at one of the beach clubs on the island. 

  • Beach Clubs: There are multiple beach clubs on the island that you can rent a beach chair for the day. Check out the link for which beach club looks best to you!

After we visited the top of Mount Salerno, we ventured back to the Pizaetta and ate lunch and shopped for the remainder of the day. 

  • Piazetta: The Piazetta is a fashion square in Capri full of cute shops and boutiques. There are also amazing italian restaurants near the Piazetta. Since you are in Capri, make sure you get the Capri salad! Also, don't forget to grab some gelato as you shop around! 

We then took a ferry back to Positano! It was the perfect day in Capri! We hope you all have the opportunity to visit this magical island! 

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